The Dallas Morning News

Editorial Writer
The Dallas Morning News is seeking an editorial writer to join its award-winning Editorial Board.  The Editorial Board is responsible for the News’ opinion pages, including its editorials, political recommendations, Texan of the Year selection and the DMN Voter Guide.

The editorial writer is a key member of the board, helping to shape the institutional opinion of The Dallas Morning News.  The successful candidate will be an excellent journalist first, with strong writing and reporting talents, the ability to write quickly and accurately and with a breadth of understanding of matters of importance globally, nationally, in Texas and in our own backyard.

 An editorial writer should be prepared to develop expertise and sources in important areas of coverage, from local government to foreign affairs with the ability to analyze trends and draw conclusions.  The writer will regularly meet with leaders of business, government, nonprofits and other arenas and should be ready to represent The Dallas Morning News.
18 August 2020