The Fresno Bee

Project Editor
The Central Valley Collaborative Lab is searching for a Project Manager to lead Phase 1 of the Co-Lab. Upon completion of Phase 1, there is opportunity for the Project Manager role to expand both in hours and scope in Phase 2. In both phases, the Project Manager will be the glue to this multi-faceted reporting project, guiding and coordinating stakeholders and projects while overseeing editorial content.

The Central Valley Collaborative Lab is a year-long reporting project to elevate and amplify the impacts of COVID-19 on minority communities in Fresno and the central San Joaquin Valley. The project will include audio, data visualization, live events and traditional story formats, and will be produced in Spanish and English. Participants in the Co-Lab to date include: Valley Public Radio, The Fresno Bee, Vida en el Valle, and Radio Bilingue. The project manager will be a Fresno Bee employee. 

This is a collaborative reporting effort that is supported financially by Microsoft. It will include reporting in both English and Spanish.
28 December 2020