The Houston Chronicle

Immigration Reporter
The Houston Chronicle has a long legacy of producing outstanding journalism on immigration. We are looking for a versatile high-energy reporter to continue this tradition at a time when immigration is one of the most urgent issues facing Texas and the nation. Immigration affects all facets of life in Houston. It is front and center at the Mexico border and reaches all the way to the White House. The ideal job candidate must have a proven track record of crafting stories that reveal the humanity of their beat. We want someone who can write about immigrants with beauty, authenticity, intimacy and depth, as well as report on the impact of immigration on the community. This person must also show they have reported on complex issues with clarity and grace. We want someone who has produced significant accountability journalism and smart enterprise stories. This candidate should be able to regularly break news, analyze complex data, dig for open records and thrive in a demanding and collegial newsroom. It’s essential the reporter embraces goals of a digital news environment. You also need to know that we’re dead serious about building our audience. To accomplish that, we’ve got to do great work, make sure people see it, and convince them that they love and need us enough to subscribe. Candidates should be savvy with SEO, digital and social media platforms. At least five years of reporting experience and an ability to speak Spanish fluently is required.
9 April 2021