The Intercept

Senior Editor
The Intercept is looking for a dynamic editor to join our senior editorial leadership team. The senior editor will work with staff reporters and freelancers on in-depth investigations, as well as news stories and opinion pieces in response to unfolding events. The senior editor must have a track record of producing groundbreaking journalism on subjects of vital public interest; a commitment to The Intercept’s journalistic ethos; and an affinity for the subjects we cover, including criminal justice, political corruption, war, surveillance, national security, technology, racial justice, policing, civil liberties, human rights, environmental justice, reproductive rights, the climate and environment, and foreign affairs. We welcome candidates who will bring new areas of experience and expertise to our newsroom, including in the use of multimedia and multiple platforms to broaden the reach of our journalism. This position reports to the Editor-in-Chief.
24 August 2020