The Markup

Copy Editor / Producer
The Markup Copy Editor/Producer is our last line of defense against errors, typos, lack of clarity and missing context. 

We don’t just care about getting the grammar right (though we do need help with that!), we care deeply about getting the story right—and that’s everyone’s responsibility here at The Markup.  This role plays an especially important part in that. We believe words matter and context matters. 

The successful candidate will bring “fresh eyes” to find weaknesses in copy we may have overlooked, such as fact errors, grammatical errors, holes, lack of clarity, fairness or context, and potential tone issues around how the story may be received. The Markup’s story editors welcome questions that can help us make our journalism strong and clear. As the last person to read the copy, you will be in a unique position to help carry our work across the finish line to publication. 
18 November 2020