The Markup

Reporter: Labor
At The Markup, we believe that not everything that is “new” is “news” and not everything that is “news” is “new.” Reporters will produce a steady rhythm of articles that aim to illuminate the impact of technology on society, some of which will be originally reported news and many of which will assemble for readers the best available knowledge about an important topic.

Reporters will persistently monitor and uncover the ways that tech affects people. They will produce well-reported, creatively told short- and medium-term enterprise stories, accountability stories and explainers that will be published at least twice a week on the website.

This position will cover the effects of technology on work and the labor force. This beat explores how technology is affecting everything from the job search to the kinds of jobs that are available, to workplace and employer practices, including the rise of the gig and contract worker.

This position will report to the News Editor.
21 October 2020