The Modesto Bee

Education Reporter
Education is a key driver of economic mobility everywhere, and especially in the Central Valley, where the gap between rich and poor families continues to grow at a rate faster than elsewhere in the state. How do we change this trajectory and quicken the pace of advancement in educational outcomes? Answering these and related questions are at the center of the Economic Mobility Lab Project and its mission to provide revealing, solutions-oriented journalism.

As an Education reporter, you will be part of a three-person team that includes an Equity reporter and an economic development reporter, who already is hired. They will work closely with an editor, and be active in community engagement.

The Economic Mobility Project’s content will go deep; it is not a breaking news assignment (though we will write stories that should be told immediately). The successful candidate will have the skills to build audience loyalty, engagement and growth via a thorough understanding of the metrics that drive them.
17 March 2021