The New York Times

News Assistant, Live
We are seeking a news assistant to embed with the newsroom’s Live team, a new group dedicated to supporting our coverage of the biggest news stories through briefings, blogs and chats. In addition to a number of general news assistant duties as outlined below, we are looking for an organized self-starter who will create daily budgets on all live assets across the newsroom, create planning documents to hand off live briefings to Asia and Europe, and help with scheduling for live briefings. 

While reporting and rewriting shall not be a general requirement of the work of a news assistant, any employee so classified may be required to perform such work in limited amounts for no additional compensation. The amount of reporting and rewriting a news assistant is permitted to perform without additional compensation shall result in the publication of no more than 1500 words in any given month, absent a bona fide news emergency.  
12 January 2021