The New York Times

Staff Writer, NYT Magazine
The New York Times Magazine is looking for an experienced staff writer to join our team. The ideal candidate will produce well-written, impeccably reported longform narrative features and columns for a fast-paced news and cultural publication. They should be well-sourced and have a proven track record of reporting on national stories with accuracy and authority. They will produce stories that require both long-term reporting embeds, as well as quick responses to the current moment.

This person will work closely with their editor on a weekly basis. Ideal candidates possess a strong sense of narrative structure and a keen ear for stylish prose. They are able to identify and explain topics of significance to the reader in a clear manner. They should also have an ability to juggle many projects at various levels of completion while adhering to deadlines. We value collaboration, creativity and the ability to stay calm in a high-stakes environment. 

14 January 2021