The New York Times

Director of Cinematography
The New York Times Video Unit is looking for a Director of Cinematography who can help lead our effort to produce groundbreaking, must-see digital news video. We want a talented storyteller and experienced visual journalist who can help develop and support original story ideas, and help bring them to life on screen. The DoC will be in charge of managing and curating a stylized look that distinguishes Times videos as a recognizable product. We are looking for someone who can create a unified aesthetic that allows for differentiation and innovation, that can be applied to a variety of video formats (linear video and interactives) across coverage times including breaking news, enterprise stories, visual investigations and features. The Director of Cinematography will act as a guardian for shooting and visual storytelling on our platform, both in terms of quality control and technical decision making. The ideal candidate will have strong conceptual ideas as well as in-depth knowledge of cameras, video gear, and the technical aspects of filming in the field. The DoC must see collaboration as central to their work, and will provide strategic guidance on how to visualize stories, working closely with producers, reporters, cinematographers and editors to support their creative vision, while also pushing for aesthetic quality and consistency. 
13 May 2021