The New York Times

Director of Communications Operations
The mission of The New York Times is to seek the truth and help people understand the world. That means independent journalism is at the heart of all we do as a company. It’s why we have a newsroom staff of 1,700 and send journalists to report on the ground from nearly 160 countries. It’s why we focus on how our readers will experience our journalism, from print to audio to a digital app destination. And it’s why our strategy centers on making journalism so good that it’s worth paying for.  To help us do this work, The New York Times is hiring a Director of Communications Operations to support our communications team by implementing and leading efficient processes and ensuring a strategic approach to communications throughout the organization. This new role will be asked to serve as a strategic partner in communications planning, operations oversight, and management. Among other things, this person will be tasked with our crisis and reputation communications, liaising between our internal and external communications teams to ensure messaging discipline and alignment, and leading our annual communications planning and strategy development sessions. They will work with a variety of leaders across different departments to determine the optimal approach and strategy as it relates to the company’s communications.  
23 September 2021