The New York Times

National NBA Writer
The New York Times is seeking a creative, versatile writer who can channel their love of news and stories into the biggest, broadest coverage of  the NBA and basketball. If you think a box score tells you most of what you need to know about a game, this job isn’t for you. If you’re as eager to write about LeBron James as you are about the last player on the bench and you understand that the Clippers’ tunnel, “taking things personally” and crying Embiid have a role in the NBA conversation (and you know what all of those things are) step forward. This is a job for a big thinker who can put basketball and the people in it in the broadest context with a writing flair that will make basketball fans and general readers look forward to your byline. You must be agile in a variety of story forms, including Q. & A.s, explainers, investigations and more. We are looking for someone eager to delve into issues of race and social and political activism in the sport and the way basketball often informs the zeitgeist. This position is based in New York, with some remote work allowed. Favor will be given to those with a minimum of five years professional journalism experience (and if not in sports, a demonstrated deep knowledge of basketball is a must).
8 July 2021