The New York Times

Senior Editor, Digital Storytelling and Training
The New York Times newsroom is in the midst of exciting changes. As we’ve transitioned to a digital news operation over the past few years, reporters and editors have adopted a wide range of new skills and tools from live coverage and explanatory story forms to visually driven journalism. Now, the culture of the newsroom is changing, too. The Times has committed to creating a culture and an environment in which we can all do our best work, including making our newsroom more diverse and equitable and our editorial practices more inclusive. The Newsroom Development and Support team, part of the new Culture & Careers team in the Newsroom, plays a key role in driving these important changes. It’s our goal to help shape, test, train, scale and support the development of skills, the development and use of tools and in building a nurturing, enriching and equitable environment for our staff to do its best work. We’re looking for a senior editor to help support this mission. 
14 January 2022