The New York Times

Senior Editor, Shows
If “The Daily” revolutionized narrative news, and the audio team broke ground in longform narrative storytelling, the Senior Editor of Shows will be a part of guiding and growing a team dedicated to imagining and defining what The Times’s cultural reporting, criticism, and analysis sounds like. We are looking for an innovative audio editor well versed in The Times and in the world of arts and culture who can lead the charge that pushes our ambitions forward. You must be highly organized, self-directed and enterprising, are comfortable with the uncertainty of building new things, and are excited by the journalistic and storytelling opportunities at NYT.  You have a strong work ethic, are detail-oriented, approach challenges with curiosity, and have experience managing a team and thrive in a highly collaborative, deadline-driven environment. You also have a deep passion for the cultural zeitgeist and what it means to a variety of listeners. You will be working across a range of stories, and will be responsible for working directly with producers and NYT journalists, planning coverage and helping to craft ideas and refine drafts that result in highly immersive, must-listen audio stories.  
7 June 2021