The New York Times

Sports Reporter
The Sports Desk is seeking a forward-thinking resourceful reporter with writing chops, creativity and a collaborative spirit to find distinctive stories appealing to the broadest readership. This job is for someone who can demonstrate their ability to dive beyond the surface appeal of games and deliver complex stories about athletes and the people around them, giving readers a clear and nuanced view of sports with the context of its many rich layers. The position demands an ability to report and write several styles of stories under a wide range of circumstances. Deadline stories from the biggest sporting events should convey preparation and elements that go beyond what viewers can see easily on television. Features should strive to break new ground and connect with readers even if they are not already fans of a particular sport or athlete. This reporter should seek out scoops, understand live coverage and be able to approach story arcs with a strategic view. The role will focus either on general assignment coverage or a beat to be determined – and we are open to hearing what you have in mind with respect to your strengths and our needs.
20 September 2021