The New York Times

Associate Editor Edit Page
The New York Times is looking for an ambitious, digitally sophisticated leader to oversee coverage of politics in its Opinion department. 

This is one of the biggest, most important jobs in Opinion, one that requires sound judgement, sharp news instincts, and creative vision. This editor will guide a talented team of editors and writers to create a political report that is wide-ranging, smart and thorough, that wants to interrogate ideas, political platforms and accepted dogma.

We’re looking for a journalist with a confident point of view and an open mind, who is eager to persuade rather than simply provoke. Impeccable editorial judgment and exacting standards for excellence are a must. 

Because we aim to promote the most intelligent, mind-shifting debate across a range of subjects, this editor must have intellectual range and curiosity. This editor must be collaborative, ready to work closely with other editors, writers and columnists across the Opinion department and solicit the most interesting voices from all points of view. Respect for different points of view, collegiality and diplomacy are absolutely essential to this job. 
21 July 2020