The New York Times

Editor, Headway
The New York Times is seeking an experienced editor and manager to lead a new journalism initiative called Headway that will investigate global and national challenges through the lens of progress, or the obstacles to progress. 

Headway’s line of coverage will focus on building better, more equitable places and societies. It will tackle a range of economic, social, health and environmental problems that are redrawing the map of human habitation. The coverage will not promise solutions. It will not retrace familiar lines of political and policy coverage, like, say, how to fix the Electoral College. Headway’s ambition is to address, broadly, the built and physical world, issues such as delivering electricity to the 1.5 billion people in the world who still do not have access to it, building a fairer criminal justice system and reimagining public space, streets and public health in light of George Floyd and Covid-19.

It will produce 10 to 12 deeply written and researched, magazine quality stories that are visually ambitious, data-rich, and that look beyond the 24-hour news and election cycles. It will pioneer what is for The Times a new kind of site, an online public square, which like the rest of Headway will exist both on the Times website and outside the Times paywall, with the stress on transparency, engagement, data dissemination and community-building. 
14 August 2020