The New York Times

Senior Editor, Narrative
The New York Times Audio team is hiring a senior editor to play a key role in upholding and expanding the editorial approach and direction of our narrative wing.
Editing on the Audio team means a lot of things. We produce quick-turnarounds on important lines of coverage as well as complicated, deeply-reported narratives.

The senior editor should be excited to tell narrative stories that are timely and relevant, but that go beyond or expand our understanding of the current news cycle. And they need to be highly skilled at every aspect of editing -- from structure to pacing to line editing to noting the stray breath and the piece of music that comes in one beat too late. Whether working on a specialized line of coverage or a series, the senior editor must have a keen understanding of the news, but also a desire to challenge the conventional ways of telling it.

The role requires an autonomous, curious, creative thinker who is excited to build on and evolve the sound of The New York Times. On any given narrative project, the senior editor may take the lead on determining what stories we tell, which reporters we’ll work with, what’s our angle, what level of production and resourcing is required.
28 September 2020