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Sports of The Times Columnist
The Sports Desk is looking for a columnist who can commentate on the big issues of the day in a lively, engaging voice with wit, depth, insight and empathy and, when it calls for it, fury.

The column dates to 1927 and has long been defined by the many esteemed journalists who have held the title. Now, in the 21st century, with digital publication and an endless stream of ‘takes’ around sports, we seek a columnist who can step back and crack through, combining serious reporting with an enlightened, considered view. 

While the SOT columnist could bring fresh eyes to players or teams or events, he or she must have the versatility and range to explore and write on sports and the societal forces -- race, gender, business, politics, culture, entertainment -- intertwined with them. 

The columnist should be expected to write frequently, with a regular presence in the report, and have the skill and agility to write quickly off news events. 
14 July 2020