The New York Times

Sunday Business Editor
The Times is hiring an experienced editor to run Sunday Business, the weekly showcase for great writing about business, work, money, and the economy. The editor will produce one to two standout features per week, and should be equally adept at crafting longform narratives, argued essays, profiles, news analyses, and other story types that command attention online and in the Sunday print edition. The job also involves overseeing a handful of columns, including Work Friend (advice), Scratch (graphic journalism), Corner Office (C.E.O. interviews) and Like a Boss (workweek diaries). 

You can think of Sunday Business as a newsmagazine within the Business desk, with a mandate to look good and be satisfying in different ways over time. Candidates should know basic business concepts (U.S. currency is green!), but a background in business journalism is not required. A commitment to good storytelling is.
23 October 2020