The New York Times

Deputy Editor, Opinion Video
Times Opinion is looking for a Deputy Editor who can help manage a team in creating groundbreaking digital opinion video commentary. We are looking for a talented, inventive and creative storyteller who is also a seasoned journalist to help lead the team to enhance our video coverage with visual and conceptual innovation. The editor should be passionate about creating well-argued, bold opinionated video in different formats, and elevating a diverse range of outside voices and video makers via acquisition and commissioning video. We are looking for a news-driven editor, but one who can see through the clutter to find what’s truly interesting and can drive the conversation.  

The person in this role will work closely with the team director in managing the team and setting the editorial agenda. The person will be responsible for developing and overseeing news coverage, social video journalism, and enterprise projects. We are looking for a proven leader who can communicate effectively with editors, producers, sources, senior leadership, journalists, crews and freelancers.

We are looking for someone with mature editorial judgment and management skills, who can guide a team of producers, reporters and editors to produce path-breaking work. This editor knows the difference between provocation and a good argument; and can handle tricky situations with diplomacy and finesse. This leader is committed to representing different points of view and to mentoring and developing staff members. 
11 November 2020