The New York Times

Finance Reporter, Private Equity and Hedge Funds
The New York Times is looking for a highly motivated and energetic reporter to join its finance team. The ideal candidate would be deeply sourced on Wall Street, or demonstrate a proven ability to build sources on a beat; ready to embrace coverage of some of the least understood but most potent aspects of Wall Street; pursue both scoops and enterprise reporting; be a willing collaborator and write with narrative flair.

This reporter would focus on writing about the unregulated and lightly regulated aspects of Wall Street, including private equity funds such as Blackstone, hedge funds such as Bridgewater, the giant asset manager BlackRock, as well as the dealings of billionaire investors and other pools of private capital. The beat is ideal for a self-starter who is brimming with ideas on how to follow the money, track the evolution and warp-speed growth of the “shadow” banking industry, and hold these entities to account.
26 February 2021