The New York Times

White House Editor
The New York Times Washington Bureau is seeking a White House editor to manage and edit a team of 6 to 7 White House reporters. The editor should be versatile in a wide range of policy coverage, including foreign policy, national security, health care, economics, immigration, gun control, climate and many other issues. The editor should also have a good working knowledge of Congress and the federal government. The editor should be able to edit fast-breaking news stories for the web and print as well as enterprise pieces, profiles, and behind-the-scenes at the White House stories. The editor should be able to aggressively drive daily news coverage as well as have the creativity to come up with enterprising weekend stories and major takeouts off the beat.

The editor should be collaborative and able to work with multiple desks at The Times, particularly Politics, Business, National, International and Climate. The editor should be able to manage and edit both senior reporters and those with less experience. The editor should be patient, inspiring and ideally have a good sense of humor.
18 February 2021