The News & Observer

Business Reporter
The News & Observer is looking for a collaborative, audience-focused reporter to cover the dynamic business community in the Triangle. Focusing on the ever-changing landscape of consumer-facing businesses, this reporter will employ reader-friendly tactics to inform and engage. The retail beat requires both a daily presence as well as enterprise work to help our community understand and make sense of a sector that has an extensive reach and impact throughout the city. The beat needs to connect with readers on multiple levels. This involves covering everything from openings and closings of shops and restaurants to identifying customer-impact stories is vital to this beat, from changes at local malls to why food deserts persist in an area with supermarkets seemingly on every other corner. And this beat entails exploring retail business trends in the Triangle that resonate with readers as well as spotting national trends that lend themselves to localizing. All components of the beat involve breaking news, building sources, poring through public databases, uncovering trends and talking to real people. 
4 August 2021