The News & Observer

Managing Editor
The News & Observer’s managing editor ensures that all of our journalists are laser-focused on producing quality journalism that helps us grow and engage our digital readers and subscribers. She/he/they have a strong voice in the overall strategy and direction of the newsroom and are charged with overseeing the daily decisions that turn strategy and direction into action.

The ideal managing editor will have strong news judgment, writing, editing, social and reader engagement skills along with exceptional coaching abilities and leadership qualities. This editor will have the authority to use those talents to shape our journalism from story conception to approach to distribution and promotion in order to maximize reach and impact.

The managing editor will work with editors across the newsroom to guide reporters, videographers and others throughout the editorial process. The managing editor will be guiding the newsroom to think and work in an audience-centered way. In the course of this work, she/he/they will ensure that colleagues understand not just the methods being used but the purpose behind them so that the focus on digital audience becomes intuitive for them as well.
21 October 2020