The Philadelphia Inquirer

Investigative Reporter
We are seeking an experienced reporter who has produced original, revelatory, in-depth or investigative stories that hold institutions and the powerful to account, whether through projects, quick-turnaround investigations, or both.

What You’ll Do

    Write and report, clear, fast, well-organized investigative work
    Always report fairly, accurately and thoroughly
    Ensure reporting offers a window on the communities we serve, that reflect their spirit, their personalities, their diversity
    Dig for and gather news and information? synthesize it in strong prose
    Be a persistent user of FOIA and public-records requests, someone who can cultivate records officers as you would a source
    Make use of visual elements to augment storytelling
    Build subject matter expertise and audience around a topic and cultivate sources
    Aggregate topical news from other sources and add value
    Use social media both as a reporting tool and as a venue for promoting work
9 November 2020