The Philadelphia Inquirer

Quick Strike Reporter
Produces quick-turn investigations, stories that often are spun from news of the moment, anything from the unexpected indictment of an elected official to an infrastructure collapse or a document dump that demands urgency. Expect a fast-paced environment with turn-arounds typically ranging from one-to-three days to a week or two. Because this reporter will often be paired with beat reporters across the newsroom, the ability to work well with others is crucial.

What You’ll Do

    Write and report, clear, fast, well-organized investigative work
    Generate a steady stream of story ideas that you can pursue on your own or with others
    Be a persistent user of FOIA and public-records requests
    Always report fairly, accurately and thoroughly
    Ensure reporting offers a window on the communities we serve, that reflect their spirit, their personalities, their diversity
    Dig for and gather news and information? synthesize it in strong prose
    Make use of visual elements to augment storytelling
    Build subject matter expertise and audience around a topic and cultivate sources
    Aggregate topical news from other sources and add value
    Use social media both as a reporting tool and as a venue for promoting work
9 November 2020