The Press Democrat

Investigative Business Reporter
We are seeking a big-thinking, fire-in-the-belly INVESTIGATIVE BUSINESS REPORTER to dig into the economic cycles, business practices and financial performance of key companies and industries in Northern California.  We’re not interested in incremental, turn-of-the-screw coverage that comes from quarterly statements or press releases. Instead, we want revelatory analysis and hard-hitting data-generated content that is enterprising, investigative and exclusive. You must be fearless, fair and willing to challenge the business agenda. You must be comfortable developing key relationships with sources in and beyond the boardroom, digging through large datasets to uncover prominent stories and wading through SEC documents. We want to bring a fresh eye to the major industries that drive the Sonoma County economy: wineries, grape-growing operations, cannabis, casinos and public health institutions. This position offers great flexibility on the issues and topics we cover, including public agencies whose missions intersect with local companies and commerce. 
27 August 2021