The Press Democrat

Investigative Columnist
At a time when many news organizations are freezing salaries or jettisoning jobs, The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, California, has a different strategy: We’re expanding our staff. Specifically, we are recruiting for a NEW INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING TEAM that will work with our Newsroom's current enterprise/watchdog writers to strengthen our commitment to "Big J" public service journalism and better serve our subscribers and readers. One of our new positions is an INVESTIGATIVE COLUMNIST, someone who can help residents, businesses and taxpayers of Northern California get answers and accountability from public agencies, public officials, nonprofits, regional companies and the criminal justice system. We are seeking an experienced investigative reporter AND writer who is familiar with public records, navigating bureaucratic systems and governments and has a solid understanding of business issues. We want you to be the person that people who have problems they cannot solve contact. You’ll be responsible for the reporting and production of an investigative column that is a new way to connect and serve our readers. You’ll be the watchdog writer to help everyone from taxpayers to consumers when they have hit a dead end with a problem or don’t know where to turn for solutions. You must be as comfortable dealing with readers as you are with obstinate sources and complex public records. This is a highly engaged investigative position where you’re producing a column intended to help on a wide range of topics – from crooked contractors and bureaucrats who offer the runaround to public agencies not doing their job.
19 September 2021