The Rivard Report

Tech and Cybersecurity Reporter
The Rivard Report is seeking a full-time business reporter to cover the technology and cybersecurity industries in the third-largest metro area in Texas. This growing, thriving city is home to Rackspace, a major player in the managed cloud space, H-E-B, USAA, Southwest Research Institute, and numerous tech and cybersecurity businesses and startups, with an established private-public ecosystem of support organizations to attract and support more entrepreneurs. The U.S Air Force and National Security Agency operate major intelligence-gathering and cyber missions here, and many veterans emerging from military service launch their own tech and cyber startups in San Antonio.

We are seeking a smart, energetic, experienced reporter with initiative and creativity to cover the civilian and military tech, cyber sectors, and the intersections between medical devices, robotics, and biotechnology, as well as break news about others that are considering locating in San Antonio. The ideal candidate will have reported on tech/cyber issues, and will have a sophisticated understanding of the way these companies operate, their business models, and how they adjust to constant change in their industries. 
18 November 2019