The Sacramento Bee

Assistant Managing Editor
The Sacramento Bee is seeking a collaborative, dynamic news leader to serve as assistant managing editor. This is a key leadership role in one of the West Coast’s best metro newsrooms, and we’re looking for a talented journalist to work with both editors and reporters to elevate our journalism, reach new audiences and serve our community. The Sacramento Bee’s assistant managing editor knows how to spot a great story and help a reporter go get it. This editor must have the highest journalism ethics, sound news judgment and strong story editing skills. This editor should be energized by coaching and collaborating with reporters, editors, visual journalists and other California newsrooms. This editor will play an integral role in shaping The Sacramento Bee’s metro coverage and producing accountability and investigative journalism, solutions-focused stories, utility news and information, and breaking news coverage that is first and best on the most important issues to our readers.
2 December 2021