The Salt Lake Tribune

Innovation Lab Editor
The Salt Lake Tribune is searching for a news editor to join its Innovation Lab, which will focus on private sector approaches to public challenges. Potential topics include the quality of the air we breathe, how we get around and the workplaces of tomorrow. The lab, or reporting team, includes a reporter and a community engagement journalist.

Utah is one of the fastest growing states, and is expected to nearly double its population by 2050. If we don’t plan for what’s to come, the air quality, cost of living and workforce issues we face now will only be exacerbated. This editor will lead a team that practices solutions-oriented journalism that details what is working and how we might get to better when it isn’t working, with an eye on the future. The ideal candidate will be someone with a strong journalism background and a keen news sense, a person who stays cool under pressure and loves creative environments. You will work with other reporters at The Tribune and will collaborate with journalists throughout the newsroom, including those on our visual and digital teams.
19 February 2021