The Seattle Times

Assistant Metro Editor (Morning)
The Seattle Times, a family-owned news organization and one of the nation’s premier regional news sources, is seeking a proven morning Assistant Metro Editor to join our Pulitzer Prize-winning newsroom. The morning team’s aim is for people to rely on The Seattle Times as an integral part of their morning, to make a habit of visiting our website and interacting with us because we consistently offer useful information to navigate their world. Sometimes that means informing them of breaking news or weather; sometimes it means adding context to an existing public conversation, or finding an angle that moves that conversation forward; sometimes it means giving them something to smile about or reflect on. In any case, we aim to help people start their day and better understand what’s happening in their communities. As the morning Assistant Metro Editor, your job is to help shepherd that early product.

This role requires you to remain versatile, curious, and digitally focused as an audience-obsessed editor who thrives on breaking news and has a deep understanding of The Seattle Times’ readers, their interests and needs, and the broader internet zeitgeist.
4 November 2020