The Seattle Times

Assistant Metro Editor
The Seattle Times is looking for an afternoon assistant metro editor to be a key leader on a digitally focused team whose aim is to build audience loyalty, to encourage habitual, repeat visits to our site by consistently offering readers useful information for navigating their world. Sometimes that means informing them of breaking news or weather; sometimes it means adding context to an existing public conversation or finding an angle that moves that conversation forward; sometimes it means giving them something to smile about or reflect on. Our primary aim is to reshape audience habits, to keep them engaging with us throughout the day through frequent alerts, social posts and engaging journalism. This position, which oversees a team of reporters, helps ensure that happens.

This role requires a versatile, curious, digitally focused, audience-obsessed editor who thrives on breaking news and has a deep understanding of The Seattle Times’ readers, their interests and needs, and the broader internet zeitgeist.
22 January 2021