The Verge

Senior Reporter, Security & Surveillance
The Verge is looking for a senior reporter to cover security, surveillance and the politics of technology. This reporter will lead our coverage of how new technologies are being used to exploit the vulnerable, whether in courtrooms, at protests, or in the workplace. That will also include coverage of emergent vulnerabilities and privacy risks as new risks are reported and new products are released. The ideal candidate will be comfortable unpacking the technical details of web encryption and account security mechanisms, and able to convey those details clearly to a lay reader. We’re looking for someone who can trace a single vulnerability from the researchers who discovered it, to the malware that exploits it and the people targeted by that malware. Senior reporters at The Verge are responsible for working with editors to identify and maintain a beat, then proactively generating exclusive reporting on that beat. As security & surveillance reporter, your duties will be a mix of reporting on the news of the day and digging into longer-lead investigations that will drive news cycles of their own. We’ll also look to you to pull out the security and privacy implications of news covered by other desks, whether it’s COVID-tracking apps or new developments in home voice assistants.
16 August 2021