The Wall Street Journal

Bureau Chief, Personal Health & Travel
The Wall Street Journal’s Life & Work group is looking for an enterprising bureau chief to lead and expand our coverage of personal health, travel and life for a general audience. You will manage a team of reporters covering wellness, fitness, travel, relationships and consumer issues. This is an opportunity to lead a growing area of our coverage at a time when our audience is navigating a changed world where many decisions--from taking a business trip to buying a movie ticket--still require some calculation of risk. Travel is coming back, but with it are new rules of the road and unexpected hurdles at destinations. Managing personal health for many means coping with lingering effects of Covid, and the mental-health toll continues to ripple through families, schools and institutions. At the same time, evolving research and approaches offer new answers to perennial questions about leading a full life, taking an informed approach to personal wellness, building solid relationships and making the most of our spare time. 
18 June 2021