The Wall Street Journal

Cybersecurity Reporter
The Wall Street Journal seeks a reporter for a cybersecurity beat focused on international hacking and its nexus with cryptocurrency. The scale and impact of ransomware and other cyberattacks is growing far faster than the ability of business and government to deal with it.You will join a team of Journal reporters covering this global problem, with a particular focus on its international dimensions. You will cover breaking news, delivering scoops and enterprise. You will cover and uncover the perpetrators, many of whom are overseas, and track the global flow of money - predominantly in bitcoin and other digital scrip - that sustains and drives the ransomware industry in particular. You will identify agenda-setting angles, opportunities to jump on news and will collaborate well with colleagues on a subject that cuts across borders. You should have knowledge of both hacking and cryptocurrency fraud, as well as a track record of delivering news and exclusives. You should be skilled at reporting that involves following the money, and able to navigate and source effectively in the often murky, hard-to-penetrate world of hackers and cybersecurity investigations, in order to break news. You should have at least a decade of reporting experience.The job is part of the Journal’s technology bureau and is based in San Francisco. Interested candidates should contact Global Tech Editor Jason Dean.
8 October 2021