The Wall Street Journal

Deputy Europe Finance Editor
The Wall Street Journal is looking for an energetic news editor to help us turbocharge coverage of markets and finance from our European hub in London. The role is at the center of our operations and will entail helming the Journal’s new live markets initiative. This exciting new project will help us publish our award-winning news and analysis at the same fast pace as ever-changing financial markets. This is a job for those who thrive on the craziness of markets, who want to become a master of whatever topic is driving money this way and that. We are looking for someone who has demonstrated writing and editing skills and experience in covering finance, markets and economics. You will work with reporters to craft stories quickly and will consult daily with senior editors on the direction of coverage. Covering markets and finance from London is one of the best jobs in the organization. The terrain is vast and the time zone, for our global readership, is to our advantage. London is the launch pad each day to get our U.S. readers ready for the day, and a big part of the job is making sure we move quickly on news and market moves. All great financial stories have a London angle.
4 October 2021