The Wall Street Journal

Finance Reporter
The Wall Street Journal is looking for a top-notch journalist to cover the big money and big personalities of global finance from the world’s capital of capital, London. This is one of the most important jobs in financial journalism, at the heart of the Journal’s operations. London is a perch to observe trillions of dollars coursing through the global financial system. It’s your job to dive in and find stories that document the grandest deals and craziest financial scandals in the world. London is usually at the center of them. We want an aggressive reporter who understands how finance works. You can navigate your way around any financial institution, be it a bank, private-equity firm or sovereign wealth fund. You understand where the power lies and how money is made and lost. You know how to tell a story through real people and how to translate financial world jargon into pleasantly readable prose. We want to identify the trends roiling finance, dig deep into the most consequential institutions, and uncover information readers won’t find anywhere else.
4 October 2021