The Wall Street Journal

Gear & Gadgets Editor
The Wall Street Journal is looking for a Gear & Gadgets Editor to join the editorial team that produces Off Duty, a luxury lifestyle section that offers readers advice and solutions, on all platforms including mobile, desktop and the weekly print edition. The Gear & Gadgets Editor is responsible for the section's coverage of lifestyle-related technology and gadgets, as well as outdoor gear. The coverage area is broad—everything from the latest high-end headphones to electric bikes to space tourism to a cover package on tablet computers and 8 other pieces of tech that date you. You will generate story ideas that contextualize the latest technological developments in a smart, helpful, journalistic way for readers. You plan line-ups and assign stories to staff writers or freelancers, edit all stories to assure they fit Off Duty's service-oriented agenda and the journalistic and ethical standards of The Wall Street Journal, and usher stories through the proofing and fact-checking process. You work closely with art directors and photo editors. 
7 January 2022