The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong/China Finance Reporter
The Wall Street Journal is looking for a creative and enterprising journalist to cover Hong Kong, China and the intersection of finance and politics. You will closely track Hong Kong's evolution as an international business and finance hub that is simultaneously struggling with Beijing's tightening grip and benefiting from a flood of Chinese money. You will produce news scoops and original stories about major global financial institutions, the movement of money across borders, and the tensions that are influencing how business is done in this part of the world.

This is a pivotal time for China's expanding role in global finance. The capital markets are beginning to show the same bipolarity seen in trade, militaries, the economy and technology — a two-pillar world dominated by the U.S. and China. Stock-trading volumes in Hong Kong have swelled, and Chinese companies are raising tens of billions of dollars and shunning U.S. exchanges in the process. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is grappling with sanctions, restrictive U.S. policies and a national security law that is driving out expatriate and local talent.
18 March 2021