The Wall Street Journal

Reporter, Agriculture Business
The Wall Street Journal is looking for a reporter to cover the business of agriculture and the food supply chain. The position is part of our food business coverage team and involves digging into the way American food is grown, the economics of farming and how American companies, farmers and ranchers feed the country, and the world. You will be expected to regularly land scoops, write quickly and authoritatively on major breaking news and deliver smart analysis on consumer trends and corporate strategy. The beat ranges from cornfields and slaughterhouses to R&D labs and boardrooms, as agricultural policy shifts and the climate changes. It involves covering meatpacking companies, grain traders, pesticide manufacturers and crop seed developers, and following agricultural and trade policy's impact on the sector. You will report on North American agriculture with a global view and source widely among farmers, corporate executives and their employees. The ability to drive and produce high-impact enterprise stories on a regular basis to develop agenda-setting coverage is essential.
12 August 2021