The Wall Street Journal

Reporter, Autos
The Wall Street Journal is seeking a seasoned reporter to join our global autos team. This is a fast-paced, news-heavy beat with ample opportunity to have impact covering a wide range of topics through the lens of the world’s biggest car companies and some determined to upend them. The auto industry is going through immense technological change at this moment, as automakers pivot to electric vehicles and the battery technology that will power them. This shift is creating upheaval at nearly every point in the car business, generating opportunities for scoops and deep storytelling. Younger auto companies are challenging the dominance of more-established ones. Some of all sizes are overpromising or otherwise stumbling. We are looking for a reporter who can cut through the hype around the future of cars and hold companies to account. You should be curious, determined and eager to dominate a highly competitive beat. You should be skilled at sourcing and have a track-record of getting inside companies and delivering exclusive and revelatory work. You will be expected to write stories under tight deadlines, as well as conceptualize and deliver enterprise stories and unearth trends that resonate with car buyers, makers, sellers and the average reader.
14 January 2022