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Reporter, Logistics Report
The Logistics Report is looking for a reporter to join a team that has been covering some of the world’s most important news developments over the past year. You will cover international and U.S. domestic supply chain, logistics and freight transportation issues, trends and news for professionals. It calls for dedicated, smart reporting that combines a sharp sense of business news with the ability to analyze and recognize trends and how developments in logistics and shipping reflect broader economic and trade developments. Areas of coverage include: Logistics and supply-chain strategies by major manufacturers and retailers, inventory management and production in response to economic and trade trends; trends and strategies that may take in automation, e-commerce, infrastructure development, sustainability and investment.

The Logistics Report is the premier WSJ destination for news and analysis for logistics and supply chain management professionals. We cover topics ranging from strategies for getting life-saving medical supplies out to the world to how Amazon is using its distribution dominance to take over the retail sector.
22 December 2020