The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is looking for an enterprising and ambitious journalist to cover the economy of the United Kingdom and Europe more broadly. The job will be based in London, and includes responsibility for the Bank of England. Telling the macroeconomic story of some of America's most important trading partners is a central beat for the Journal and the correspondent will work closely with a team of colleagues across the region. We are looking for a reporter with a keen eye for economic trends, gifted at analysing data and sussing out the economic forces at play. We also want someone adept at telling this story both from the top down, looking closely at what the numbers tell us, but also from the bottom up, paying equal attention to how individuals, households and firms are experiencing shifts in the economy and reacting to them. The ability to break news, identify and call trends first and tell rich narrative stories about the economic lives of people and companies are essential. The job will report to Deborah Ball, deputy world coverage chief.
13 October 2021