The Wall Street Journal

WSJ City of London Reporter
The Wall Street Journal seeks a top-notch journalist to cover the City of London, including the banks, investors, grandees and regulators shaping the world’s capital of finance. This job sits at the heart of the Journal’s coverage. London is as much a part of Wall Street as any place in the world. We want you to dig out the biggest stories and gravitate to the people making and losing fortunes, bending and breaking the law in their quest for riches. A large part of the job will be to cover the U.K.’s globally important financial institutions, including HSBC, Barclays and the London Stock Exchange, as well as Britain’s financial regulators and criminal watch dogs. We want an aggressive reporter who understands how finance works. You can navigate around a bank balance sheet and gain insight into private boardroom conversations. You understand how financial technology is upending the old sinecures of finance. You know where the power lies and how money is made and lost. You know how to tell a story through real people and how to translate financial world jargon into pleasantly readable prose. Your writing should be clear, contextual and engaging.
13 December 2021