Dow Jones

Associate, Strategic Initiatives - Live Journalism
Outside the core business of Live Journalism, there are a string of exciting opportunities that come from all corners of the company, as well as from external organizations. The Strategic Initiatives Team supports the growth of the Live Journalism business by shepherding special projects, and leading strategic initiatives across WSJ’s events and brands. The team works on vetting proposals for unique projects, partnerships, and events that would generate new revenue, increase brand visibility in diverse markets, augment the value proposition of our events, members and extend our digital presence. These projects will generate additional commercial opportunities, as well as increase the value of participation to members, speakers, and clients, and require market research, design thinking, innovative and creative production, and world class execution.

The Live Journalism team’s biggest driver for success in the current environment is nailing the networking, sales activation, and community building within the virtual and hybrid space. This team will focus on defining ways to stand out in the virtual space for our flagship events by closely following and identifying what experiential partners are offering, what are competitors doing, and of all of those things, what is valuable to our brand.
5 November 2020