Dow Jones

Research Editor, AME (English & Korean)
The role of the Research Editor is to research, record and update details on companies with adverse media in countries around the world. These details are required for the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Adverse Media - Entities (AME) database, a global reference database of companies that have had negative news in the media.

The Research Editor is required to use a range of relevant electronic published sources for each country he/she is researching, including a range of sources carried on Dow Jones’s own products and on government/regulatory and company websites.

In extracting data from these sources, the Research Editor must adhere to a set of guidelines on Adverse Media selection and the level of corporate details required. The Research Editor is expected to deliver the most comprehensive coverage possible while taking care to exclude detail outside the brief. The Research Editor is also responsible for verifying the accuracy of the material he/she and other team members are adding to the database and must follow an established set of procedures to do so.

The role of the Research Editor is also to keep the AME Database up to date by continual scanning and extraction from known information sources and by ongoing monitoring for new sources.
14 September 2020