The Washington Post

Personal Technology “help desk” Writer
The Washington Post is seeking two journalists to join our expanding personal technology team to provide expert and accessible tech help to readers. The role of these journalists will be to help consumers sort through the dizzying array of devices and online services to help them determine what to use, whom to trust and how to make technology serve them.

 These reporters will work closely with tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler to identify stories, develop investigations and expand our capacity to provide sophisticated personal technology advice. They also would collaborate with other team members, including tech-in-our-lives reporter Heather Kelly and a new tech-at-work writer.

Ideal candidates should be fluent in mobile, desktop and smart-home technologies, as well as the concerns they raise for security, privacy, health, children, society, reparability and the environment. (Please highlight if you have deep expertise in any of these themes.) Candidates should be able to see personal technology from multiple perspectives — gadget lover, late adopter, remote worker, distance learner and more.
8 February 2021