The Washington Post

Technology Data Reporter
The Washington Post technology team is seeking a reporter who can use data and quantitative analysis to uncover the often hidden ways that technology companies shape our lives.

This journalist should recognize that so much of what happens in the world of modern technology is invisible to the user. Through building and analyzing databases, statistical analysis, coding, visualization and traditional reporting, we expect this reporter to break news and offer analytical insights about the online services millions rely on.

A key focus of the role is accountability reporting. This journalist should be prepared to demonstrate a creative approach that could touch on any number of areas, such as inspecting algorithmically generated content for how it might mislead or create bias; scrutinizing social media for patterns of disinformation or suspect behavior; and probing digital trackers and other tools that are used to capture information about ordinary people. The work tempo will range from dailies to longer-term efforts.
8 February 2021